14th European Veterinary MRI-User Meeting 2018 Zurich

In the past few decades MRI has become very popular in veterinary medicine, therefore knowledge exchange has become increasingly important for radiologists and clinicians who are using this technology.


The MRI-User Meeting was designed to build up and exchange experience between all MRI-users. Initiated in 2005, the meeting with internationally renowned speakers evolved into "the" SPRING MEETING FOR RADIOLOGISTS AND CLINICIANS interested in MRI with on average 120 delegates from all over Europe and the United States attending.


Registration open now!

BYO - Bring your own cases:

Share your interesting MRI cases with us! If you are interested in preparing your case in a 10 minutes short presentation, submit your title with a brief description to zurich(at)vetrad.ch. Accepted cases will result in a  50% reduction on the subscription fee.